LDP: vocals
Lino Di Pietrantonio


May 27, 1988


Napoli (IT)

Music is in every memory I have. Singing was my first love. My life changed when my father put a Queen tape in the car stereo. That beautiful music and the awesome voice of Freddie Mercury were just inspiring. A few years later, when I was 12, one of my classmates invited me to his home. There I met his brother, a young, but already amazing guitarist who introduced me to Dream Theater and prog. That classmate was Andrea Vittozzi, and his brother was.. yes, Antonio Vittozzi! He taught me how to play guitar, and I was excited following his bands. I saw the growing up of Soul Secret and the recording of their first songs. I thought: "Wonder if I could be part of this!". So I started training my voice with piano and vocals teacher Loredana D'Angelo. A new world opened its doors to me! Thanks to her I have been studying many different genres, styles and techniques, and I have singed in so many places as lead singer of her choir. Meanwhile I have been a member of "Le Note Sospese", a hard-rock band, for almost 2 years, as rhythm guitar and backing vocals. A funny and beautiful experience. But, when Soul Secret asked me to record something for them, well.. a dream came true! Their music is extraordinary and the guys are great! I know I will always feel at home with them, exactly as I felt the first time I listened to them in their beginning!