THE GHOST SYNDICATE official videoclip

The Ghost Syndicate official videoclip is finally out!

It is the first single we release for our upcoming album Blue Light Cage (available worldwide on October 23, 2020). We have some important guests in this one: Derek Sherninan(Dream Theater, Sons Of Apollo, Planet X etc.) that plays some ripping synth solos (3:45 – 4:28) during the instrumental break and the acting talents of Walter Lippa who is known from his work on the TV series Gommorah among other things.

Gabri Gargiulo and Barbara Romano at G2 Studios directed this videoclip. They really gave a cinematic vibe to this first single that talks about the modern world of work. The complete cast of actors feature Walter Lippa, Luigi Lopez, Salvatore Marino, Jacopo Manzo and Onil Baylòn Valente.

Enjoy the official music video for THE GHOST SYNDICATE here:

The Ghost Syndicate official videoclip

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Blue Light Cage will be available through Layered Reality Productions on the 23rd of October 2020!

Blue Light Cage cover artwork

The artwork for this record was made by long time collaborator Nello Dell’Omo, who was responsible for the artwork for our debut album Flowing Portraits back in 2008. Mixing and mastering was done by Jacopo Pettini and Alessandro Guasconi at Virus Studio in Siena (Italy).


1: Opening Sequence (3:00)
2: The Ghost Syndicate (5:26)
3: A President’s Speech (6:00)
4: Switch On (1:42)
5: Blue Light Cage (4:50)
6: We’ll Become Dust (7:22)
7: Going Home (5:45)
8: Jump Right In (7:00)
9: Breathe and Recover (13:00)