Top Progressive Albums of 2020

Jan Buddenberg of Dutch Progressive Rock Page ( put our new album Blue Light Cage in the Top Progressive Albums of 2020 at #4!

Man, we’re surely in good company to say the least!

  • 1. Blue Öyster Cult – The Symbol Remains
  • 2. Different Light – Binary Suns Part 1
  • 3. Course Of Fate – Mindweaver
  • 4. Soul Secret – Blue Light Cage
  • 5. Subsignal – A Song For The Homeless (Live In Rüsselsheim 2019)
  • 6. ZIO – Flower Torania
  • 7. Dreamwalkers Inc – A Night At The Theatre
  • 8. Chandelier – Live At Loreley
  • 9. Kansas – The Absence Of Presence
  • 10. TDW – The Days The Clock Stopped 
DPRP front page on Dec 22, 2020 with a link to the Top Progressive Albums of 2020

Blue Light Cage has been released on October 23, 2020 and features guest appearances by Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Sons Of Apollo etc.) and Marek Arnold (Flaming Row, Seven Steps To The Green Door etc.).

We made three videoclips to promote the singles The Ghost Syndicate, A President’s Speech and the title-track Blue Light Cage.

Before being put in this Top Progressive Albums of 2020 and yesterday in the Albums Of The Year 2020, Blue Light Cage was already highly-praised in the specialized press.