A President’s (year-end) speech

Dear all,

today is the last day of a truly unpredictable year.

Covid-19 was and still is one hell of a challenge for all of us and our first thought is for the ones that are no longer with us but that now listen to the most beautiful music ever up in heaven. We miss you but we’ll remember you forever.

We’re truly grateful to all of you around the world that took the burden of today’s human reality, making our lives somehow less difficult.

When we think of 2020, today and forever we’ll think Thank you. This means that everyone of us is connected to others and all of us is an important part of a community. We couldn’t make it just being individuals, so we’re proud to be part of this team called human kind.

Lots of us find a shelter listening to music and we are frankly happy to have added some material to enjoy this year, more than ever with a charity single Shine Again and our new album Blue Light Cage (that we confidentially call BLC album. Fans of Metallica/Prince/Jay-Z etc., arise!). We’re already planning gigs when it will be possible and chunks of the next album are in our mind and in our hard drives.

The codeword is Thank you and we want to say it to all of you.


(We can’t wait to say it in the flesh!)

– Soul Secret –