Orange Bug Studios risking closure

Orange Bug Studios risking closure.

They are one of the most important studios here in Napoli since 2001 and we’re about to lose one of the cultural clubs in the city, a landmark for all the local musicians, an incubator for lots of projects, a place where you can rehearse, record, make friends, meet VIPs.

Inside the Orange Bug Studios, an original Fender Rhodes

There, we recorded and mixed our first album Flowing Portraits and had the chance to meet for the first time the man who would become our manager and lifelong friend, Davide Guidone. The studios really were a launch pad for us.

Given the pandemic thing and the whole music machine suffering for the shutdowns, Orange Bug Studios are slowly dying.

Studios owner and our friend Salvio Imparato makes a final effort to stop it happening through crowdfunding. We all can freely donate or take advantage of the deals in this Facebook post through the following platforms:

PayPal –
GoFundMe –

We progsters are used to odd times, so let’s do this together!