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CC: bass
Claudio Casaburi


May 2, 1989


Napoli (IT)

“You just can't understand...”

When in 2010 Marco Amodeo said to me "Actually, Soul Secret are without a bass player..." the only thing I could probably think was "They don't have a bass player... I am a bass player... I can fit their needs!" and that was all! In a blink of an eye I was rewriting the bass lines and recording Closer to Daylight! When I first played with them I was struck by their familiarity with music composition, by how closely-knit the bandmates were, and I said to myself "I wanna be part of this!" and struggled to join the band! Now, we are very good bandmates and good friends 🙂


Ok, let’s start from the VERY beginning now...

I started playing bass by chance, two of my best friends played guitar and drums... they said "We are missing the bass... how about it?" I started to play punk with them, we used to call ourselves FRIED AIR! The band lasted for 3 years then we suddenly broke up. So I started with punk (you know, Rancid, Ramones, The Clash) then I familiarized myself with the spontaneus and freaky bass of Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, with them I grew to like funky but prog was just around the corner! One of my school friends made me listen to a wonderful song called “Strange De Ja Vu” by Dream Theater which overpowered me! From there to nowdays, all I do is compose or just think about music with a prog part, a prog side. Prog has become THE music for me and if you think about it... it's just obvious! Where else can you combine funky, rock, punk and metal music? Prog is the answer 🙂

Stay Prog!