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Luca Di Gennaro
Keyboards, Programming


March 14, 1985
Napoli (IT)
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First of all, even if I had wanted to, I could never have avoided music in my life. My father played drums, my grandfather the accordion, my two brothers play piano and guitar. It was just a matter of time then, althought my first attempt did not excite me. When I was a child, I started studying classic guitar but nothing seemed to happen. Then I switched to piano and... same thing, nothing happened! I did not listen to music at all, except for a Michael Jackson’s “Bad” cassette when I was VERY young and videogames soundtracks that with hindsight totally opened my mind to every musical genre. Actually there was no CD player in my room. All of a sudden, one day my father decided to buy me a CD player for Christmas because in his opinion I needed to start listening to some music. My problem was answering the following question: “What album would you like to listen to?”. I really didn’t know anything about music, but I remembered a funny song I heard on TV by a band called “Aqua”. This is a fact: my first CD ever was Aqua’s debut album “Aquarius”. The second milestone was set by a friend of mine that lent me a CD with a very strange name: Liquid Tension Experiment 2. He told me to pay attention to the keyboard player and I gave it a try even if I was very skeptical about that. Needless to say, my world changed in about one hour of listening to those keyboards. I finally found the right key to enter the music world. I remember I gathered some friends to let them listen to LTE2’s first track “Acid Rain” and we suddenly decided to play together in a band called “Paradoxa” (what a CRAZY band it was!). I continued to explore progressive music, resumed piano lessons and started listening to EVERYTHING (I had to make up for lost time!). This is my idea about music: just a matter of taste, not a matter of genres! I think listening to everything without prejudices is a great way to enjoy one of the best gifts given to humanity. 

Thanks for sharing your time with us listening to our music.

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