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Francesco Cavezza


July 17, 1987
Avellino (IT)

Since I was a child, I’ve always been surrounded by music: my father played the accordion and keyboards and my sister started to sing at a very young age. The magic happened when I found, at the age of 12, an old 12 strings guitar and I started to play her (yes, for me guitars are ladies! :D). Almost at the same time, I received two albums as gifts, Eric Clapton’s Unplugged and Deep Purple’s Made in Japan, and they blew my mind! Thus, I started listening to all kinds of music, from prog to black music (jazz, soul, R’n’B), and playing in several bands.
In addition to playing gigs with dozens of local bands, I had been attending many clinics and masterclasses held by great artists and musicians such as: Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan, Scott Henderson, Corrado Rustici, Biréli Lagrène, Massimo Varini, Rotem Sivan, Angelo Debarre, Barry Harris. I also attended the Umbria Jazz Clinics held by the Berklee College of Music in Perugia in 2011. They were wonderful and stimulating experiences about music and life!
After a couple of years, I finally met Antonio Mocerino thanks to my sister Maria Gerarda who wanted to start a band together in order to play Soul/R’n’B and rock classics. Consequently, in 2017 I was involved (as arranger, composer, guitarist, bassist and pianist) in producing Maria Gerarda’s EP “Anima Errante”, a voyage through different music styles and emotions.

When Mr. Mocerino asked me to join Soul Secret, I said: “Why not? I’ve always loved prog music. I’m in!”