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Tightly between my hands
Holding my face again
But this time I have to take action

Today, at last, I'll raise my head
Taking at least a bow
Before the crowd leaves
Without any clapping
I will disconnect

Adam: "All the choices in my life, all the ones I've never had the courage to make, were there for a reason. To prove me that I was different, that I could drop out of the queue slowing marching to the altar where every human being is labeled and standardized. I can still do something, now that nothing remains for me: to set an example to the ones behind me."

I have never been the one that people imitate
But tonight I'll finally take off my weight

Crawling in the desert of my imagination
On the way up the white stairs that divide me from the final station
Carry on!

You were my dream
A dream that came true
And now what I have is a handful of nothing
Clenching my fist I realize
I wanted more from my work (did I contend?)
Even more for my son (was it worth it?)
In a blink of an eye my time started to run out
Life's not so good as to forewarn us

Watching a building from the cold street that I am walking
I feel a magnetic attraction I cannot explain
I hear it say to me "Come up here, you'll find all the answers you want"
I close my eyes and go where my heart is pulling strongly
And like a last wish, the destiny gives consent to it
Step after step I will climb the stairs until I'll see the shining moonlight
I'll be so near the short-sighted gods
They'll surely see me this time

I see you among the stars and
I'll reach you, I give my word

These white stairs divide me from the final station
Carry on!

Finally here, alone with myself
All I see an infinite stairway
Cry, shiver but don't look back now

I'm shining on my own and rising from the ashes of my demons gone
I see no turning back from this last decision I made tonight
I'm still up on the ledge and as I stand up I decide if
This journey led me to step forward or to step back

Voices: "You..."
Adam: "Who are you? Who's talking?"
Voices: "You didn't have the courage to take center stage at work"
Adam: "How do you know!?"
Voices: "You didn't have the courage to give the world a child when you could haveâ"
Adam: "But... I couldn't have given him the life he deserved!"
Voices: "Shut up, liar! You didn't have the courage to change Anne's mind! She could have cured herself! She could have saved herself!"
Adam: "The doctor said it was nearly impossible!"
Voices: " ... and now, you don't even have the courage to end it all!"
Adam throws himself and screams
Anne: "Adam... Adam? Wake up, it's late! You've got to go to work!"
Adam: "Anne!?"
Anne: "Yes?"
Adam: "What are you doing here?"
Anne: "What? Are you ok?"
Adam: "You... you were... "
Anne: "I was what?"
Adam: "You were dead... "
Anne: "Oh, you're so scared! Maybe you had a fitful sleep... I know you just want a big big breakfast prepared by your lovely Anne, isn't it?""
Adam: "Yes... like in the old days"
Anne: "Old days? The last time was yesterday!"
Adam: "It's not important... I have you here again... come here Anne... come here my love... "
Anne: "Adam? Adam, everything is ok! Hey... Adam!"
Adam: *cries*