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BABEL: the concept explained


Prologue: Sam walks in a forest at night, sits down and breathes while watching the beauty of the stars, dreaming of being an astronaut one day.

What We're All About: years have passed and Sam finally has become an astronaut. A space agency sets up a mission called BABEL to find God and Sam is called to lead it.

A Shadow On The Surface: the mission BABEL begins and Sam gets to know his team mates, a girl named Adriel and a computer named logOS (Log Operating System). The mission will be streamed on TV and the web continuously. Sam starts writing his diary from day one, then the launch, day two etc.

Will They?: it's raining on planet Earth and a man knocks a door and says a codeword ("Nine dragons") to be admitted at a secret reunion. Not everyone on Earth were ok with the mission. A small group of humans think that the two chosen ones Sam and Adriel will not give way to other humans and will keep the privileges to turn human king into slaves. The small group gathers people worldwide to prepare a revolt.

logOS: when alone during sleep time, the mission's logbook and mainframe logOS starts reflecting and confessing. Who is logOS?

Awakened By The Light: land ahead! Finally, the spaceship is near the so called "City Of Gods". Sam is really looking forward to knowing God and to saying "thank you" for the life He gave him. Sam starts falling in love with Adriel.

Entering The City Of Gods: finally the spaceship enters the City Of Gods but... it's empty.

The Cuckoo's Nest: after the shocking news of the City Of Gods found empty, a civil war on Earth happens. The small group of "Will They?" has grown bigger and stronger and there are now four different fronts:
1) Atheists: they believe the City is empty because God doesn't exist
2) Regretful believers: they believe the City is empty because mankind doesn't deserve to see God
3) Nihilists: they believe the City is empty because God is dead
4) Conspiracy theorists: they believe the whole mission is fake.
Earth has become an asylum, as human kind is without a guide anymore.

Newton's Law: Sam falls totally in love with Adriel. He realizes that she's the woman that he described in his diaries and dreamed of at night. Sam is definitely attracted by Adriel.  There's one law describing the attraction between two masses: the Newton's universal law of gravitation.

In The Hardest Of Times: after exiting the City Of Gods, the spaceship begins its trip back home. Communications with Earth become unintelligible and obscure. Sam and Adriel can't understand a word. They have a very hard time in getting back home with no help from the base. The whole mission has been streamed on TV and on Earth the civil was is still happening. In the hardest of times, Sam kisses Adriel and shows his love for her. With this image streamed all around the world, human kind stops fighting... magically. This mission was arranged to find God and finally Sam and Adriel found Him, as God is Love.


The Album title: this story is a modernized version of the "Tower Of Babel" myth.

Have you noticed that:
- The male character is named Sam, quite similar to Sem, Noah's son from which the new humanity will descend.

- The female character is named Adriel that means "herd of God" or "my help is God"

- Logos (here stylized as "logOS", as a famous operating system) in ancient greek means "word", "reason" and is one of the synonyms of God in the Bible.

- The chorus of "Awakened By The Light" refers to God but also to Adriel.

- The main riff of "Awakened By The Light" has a F# chord following a pattern of 2, 1, 2, 5. If you associate numbers to letters, it spells some letters of the word "BABEL". 

- "I see no God here" is an adaptation of a sentence attributed to Yuri Gagarin.

- "Cuckoo's Nest" is a synonym for "asylum".

- "God is dead" and the nihilist front is a reference to Nietzsche's "Got ist tot"

- Just like in the "Tower Of Babel" myth, in "In The Hardest Of Times" after the crew reached God languages starts to mix up and people cannot understand each other's speech.