4 - Learning To Lose
music: Soul Secret
lyrics: Serpico


Looking through my window
I see a young man crying
Filling mighty seas of delusion

Holy Tears descending
From fragmented eyes
Mysteries ascending
In her distant heart

The image of that woman
Starts to enlighten his soul
Boundless fields inside
His mesmerized mind

Sirens dancing all around
Reflecting something past
Falling into pieces
On a distant sea

A conscience
A surface full of memories
That is flowing inside

And the sea
With its darkened life
A distorted sunrise

Born Aside
Hear the silence surrounding
And a withering light
Lost in me
And the sun's clearing
All the strange ways
Time in my brain
Violently blown away by desire

The sky is falling in her mighty eyes
Seas of emotion, neverending seas of pain
Ancient temples, living stones in her hands
Building time and space in a waiting mind

The sky is falling and I feel the time
Creeping behind, resonating through the trees
A movie of caressing hands and insane desires
I'm healing my mind, I'm learning to lose

Hears my heart his birdsong
That is caught in paranoia's language
Fallen mind sadistic signs
In every little word I'm saying

The direction of a fancy fly
Through caressing skies
In a lonely dreamer
A messiah brings his old way
Of Flowers and Fear
Learning to lose is life
In his time of dying