6 - Tears Of Kalliroe
music: Soul Secret
lyrics: Serpico


I - Sailing In The Arms Of The Ocean

Music: Di Gennaro

II - Be My Temple

A siren's voice
A symphony
Walking silently in her eyes
A dreaming grace
A liquid cage
In the absence of light

Shining star
Look me inside
Resounds in the silence a sweet embrace
Hanging Clouds
Infinite Rain
A candle's burning
Into Darkness

Dissolve the clouds
Celestial words
And the darkness will fade away
A mind will fear
Perpetual eyes
In a forming desire

April morning
Flowing inside
Arrive the eternal ecstatic skies
In a sunrise the sun in my vanishing mind

Be my temple
Goddess of mind
A cradle of my never-ending desire
Eyes of a desert
Storming wind
Image of heaven inside me

III - Moving Silhouettes

God's creations revelations
Flowing through my mind
Surrealistic pictures
Ghosts revealing the divine
God heal my mind from spirits inside

Nature cries the evil ways
Are filling darkest brains
And the secret hidden in my tears
Beside your eyes
God hear my cry sweet lullaby

IV - Against My Own Mind


V - Baptism Of Flaming Waters

The horrifying chains of the martyr inside of me
Driving in silence the force
That is powering dreams on my mind

Driven by holy angels
My spirit flies through distance in time
Moonlight burns in the darkness
Configuring all my life

Dissolved minds desolate hearts
Asking for life
In a blood line destiny lies
In a sunrise

Cathedrals of fire
Marvelous desires
The image of God
Baptism me Water
Caressing my heart
Crawling embracing the gates of Utopia

The path of the nymph's calling from the other side
The day has come and the secret of soul
Talks to you fragile mind