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Our new album Blue Light Cage is now available for the world! And to celebrate, here is the lyric video for the song and second single A President’s Speech!

We are beyond excited to finally share this album with all of you and we hope that you want go on this journey with us!

Video made by: EV Productions

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It’s time for a new chapter in our story, as we will release our brand new album Blue Light Cage to the world on the 23rd of October 2020.

Blue Light Cage cover art
Blue Light Cage cover artwork

Featuring guest solo spots by the likes of Derek Sherinian (Sons of Apollo, Planet X etc.) and Marek Arnold (Seven Steps to the Green Door etc.) among other new musical ideas brought in by all of us (manager included!), this album is one that will both delight and surprise new listeners and our long time fans.

The artwork for this record was made by long time collaborator Nello Dell’Omo, who was responsible for the artwork for our debut album Flowing Portraits back in 2008. Mixing and mastering was done by Jacopo Pettini and Alessandro Guasconi at Virus Studio in Siena (Italy).


1: Opening Sequence (3:00)
2: The Ghost Syndicate (5:26)
3: A President’s Speech (6:00)
4: Switch On (1:42)
5: Blue Light Cage (4:50)
6: We’ll Become Dust (7:22)
7: Going Home (5:45)
8: Jump Right In (7:00)
9: Breathe and Recover (13:00)

Be sure to check this space in the coming weeks, as more info will be coming soon!


Our debut album Flowing Portraits turns 15 years old today!

Flowing Portraits cover artwork

Phew, time flies! On our social network we asked if you have any particular sweet memory related to this very album, so please join the discussion there!

Oh, and please… watch out for something here on April 7! 🙂

This year has been filled with obstacles to overcome and challenges for all of us to face.It really seems that humanity is going through another of its “bad moments”.

As on many other occasions, art is probably an answer to all of this: if our music has managed to distract even one of you for the duration of a song, our intent has been achieved.

During this 2022 we have silently done what we like most, play our instruments and create something new. We had the opportunity, continuing the auditions, to play with outstanding drummers and finally find our travel companion who we can’t wait to officially present to you and let you listen to on the new record.

Speaking of the new album, 7 tracks are complete and smoking hot while the rest are already in the works.

During these holidays we have had the opportunity to meet all together and review the work done so far and we have never had such a positive feeling.

SS6 demo listening session

The first day of 2023 is upon us and we want to greet it with this image, taken while listening to the demo of our next album: six friends, sitting together to drink, joke, and listen to music.

Happy New Year to you all!

Our newest album BLUE LIGHT CAGE turns two today!

Blue Light Cage cover artwork
Blue Light Cage cover artwork by Nello Dell’Omo

We love every little bit of it and we can’t wait to finally play it live somewhere sometime. We’re working on it, as we’re VERY busy with the writing of the next one. Bear with us 🙂

Remember you can purchase BLUE LIGHT CAGE and some related goods directly from our shop by clicking HERE or in the menu bar.

We’re thrilled to announce our forthcoming album MUSIC THAT SLAPS, featuring physical violins and slap bass solos!

Check the cover artwork below by Will Rock and Chris Smith!

“Music that slaps” cover artwork

Our keyboard player Luca Di Gennaro has some news for you!

His debut solo album THE 2nd COMING will be released on January 14, 2022 under Lion Music Record Label (Marco Sfogli, Vitalij Kuprij etc.).

It’s an atypical instrumental prog album so full of influences and genres, featuring amazing musicians like David Wise, Alfonso Mocerino, Maria Barbieri, Stefano Festinese and also our beloved guitar maestro Francesco “FRNKC” Cavezza!

A video for the first single CHASING NEXT will be published in less than two weeks on December 16, 2021.

Read more on Luca’s official website www.lucadigennaro.com

Our second album Closer To Daylight is 10 years old!

Closer To Daylight cover artwork
Cover artwork

It marks a fundamental step-stone in the history of the band, as it’s the first album with Claudio on bass. We met him when most of the album was already written, but we decided to almost re-write it with him on board to create a continuity with the albums to come.

Two guest stars joined us on this: Arno Menses and Marco Sfogli.

Getting in touch with Arno Menses for Closer To Daylight

Before changing singer (Michele quit the band for health reasons, asked us to find a new singer and we found Fabio), we already decided to have a guest singer on the epic suite Aftermath. One of our ideas was to contact Neal Morse, so our manager Davide started mailing with him. He liked the song but he was too busy with all of his projects so he couldn’t make it. Another idea was to contact the former Sieges Even and actual Subsignal singer Arno Menses. His voice was just perfect for the song and luckily he accepted to perform the task! His work on the song really brought it to another level, as he wrote the whole vocal line and the backings on that one.

… and getting in touch with Marco Sfogli

When deciding who should have played the guitar solo on River’s Edge, some of us proposed John Mitchell but then Luca had an idea: why not asking to Marco Sfogli? He’s one of the most recognized guitar player in the world, plus he’s just some kilometers away from our hometown. We asked him and he gladly accepted, we met him, brought him in our studio, we made him personally listen to the track and had a pleasant chat. Some days after that meeting we had the best solo we could ever wished for! He was so kind to give us also this video of a live play-through:

So, just some anecdotes to share and to give the warmest of greetings: happy birthday Closer To Daylight! You’re “closer to” 11 now.

One year ago today we released the first single The Ghost Syndicate (featuring two outstanding keyboard solo by legendary Derek Sherinian) from our new album Blue Light Cage! This is the official videoclip, starring Walter Lippa, Luigi Lopez, Salvatore Marino, Jacopo Manzo, Onil Baylòn Valente and directed by G2 Studios.

Just the perfect day to watch it again!

4 years ago today we released our fourth album BABEL!

Babel artwork by Thomas Ewerhard

We premiered it at the Loreley Amphitheater during the Night Of The Prog XII on July 14th 2017, sharing the stage with Second Relation, Maschine, Blind Ego, Crippled Black Phoenix and Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress.

Night of the Prog Fest 2017 - 14/07/2017 (3 jours ...
Night of the Prog XII flyer

In addition, in the following days names like Ray Wilson, Yes and Marillion played as well, making that a truly unbelievable experience!