Dear all,

today is the last day of a truly unpredictable year.

Covid-19 was and still is one hell of a challenge for all of us and our first thought is for the ones that are no longer with us but that now listen to the most beautiful music ever up in heaven. We miss you but we’ll remember you forever.

We’re truly grateful to all of you around the world that took the burden of today’s human reality, making our lives somehow less difficult.

When we think of 2020, today and forever we’ll think Thank you. This means that everyone of us is connected to others and all of us is an important part of a community. We couldn’t make it just being individuals, so we’re proud to be part of this team called human kind.

Lots of us find a shelter listening to music and we are frankly happy to have added some material to enjoy this year, more than ever with a charity single Shine Again and our new album Blue Light Cage (that we confidentially call BLC album. Fans of Metallica/Prince/Jay-Z etc., arise!). We’re already planning gigs when it will be possible and chunks of the next album are in our mind and in our hard drives.

The codeword is Thank you and we want to say it to all of you.


(We can’t wait to say it in the flesh!)

– Soul Secret –

We had the pleasure to have an extensive talk with Jan Buddenberg on in form of interview. We covered lots of things: our new album Blue Light Cage, our charity single Shine Again, future works, influences and more (yes, also some insights by our manager Davide!).

Soul Secret interview on DPRP

You can reach the interview here:

Jan also made a great review of Blue Light Cage and placed it in the Top Progressive Albums of 2020.

Jan Buddenberg of Dutch Progressive Rock Page ( put our new album Blue Light Cage in the Top Progressive Albums of 2020 at #4!

Man, we’re surely in good company to say the least!

  • 1. Blue Öyster Cult – The Symbol Remains
  • 2. Different Light – Binary Suns Part 1
  • 3. Course Of Fate – Mindweaver
  • 4. Soul Secret – Blue Light Cage
  • 5. Subsignal – A Song For The Homeless (Live In Rüsselsheim 2019)
  • 6. ZIO – Flower Torania
  • 7. Dreamwalkers Inc – A Night At The Theatre
  • 8. Chandelier – Live At Loreley
  • 9. Kansas – The Absence Of Presence
  • 10. TDW – The Days The Clock Stopped 
DPRP front page on Dec 22, 2020 with a link to the Top Progressive Albums of 2020

Blue Light Cage has been released on October 23, 2020 and features guest appearances by Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Sons Of Apollo etc.) and Marek Arnold (Flaming Row, Seven Steps To The Green Door etc.).

We made three videoclips to promote the singles The Ghost Syndicate, A President’s Speech and the title-track Blue Light Cage.

Before being put in this Top Progressive Albums of 2020 and yesterday in the Albums Of The Year 2020, Blue Light Cage was already highly-praised in the specialized press.

More and more reviews for Blue Light Cage are coming! “Un bon équilibre entre le chant, les interventions de la guitare et les claviers omniprésents font de ce titre le nec plus ultra.” Read it HERE “The concept is off to a flying start via the majestic instrumental opening sequence (Opening Sequence), which is probably the best opening sequence I have heard in the past 23 years […]. A most definite contender for my top 10 year-list, which could equally be true for anyone craving some inventive progressive metal that sees an infinite array of creative ideas and flawless executions. 9/10″. Read it HERE “The closing cut “Breathe And Recover” is […] in short an incalculable display of majestic musicality. I conclude by saying that Soul Secret has once again achieved another phenomenal and meritorious work of traditional progressive metal with various stylistic elements somewhat different from their previous releases, which in my very personal taste I have enjoyed 100%, an album that will delight and surprise fans. new and old listeners of the genre. […] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”. Read it HERE “Phew. What can I say? Blue Light Cage is utterly stunning. The construction of this album and the collation of the ideas have led to something amazing. The musicianship is outstanding and the layering of the ideas brings about an unstoppable flow. I just didn’t want this to end. The concept behind this is interesting but what came out of this for me was the band’s bubbling and infectious enthusiasm, and their ability to bring it to life. There are dark and light moments and I engaged in that, but such was the musical joy in this production that I genuinely felt that I was having fun from the beginning to the end of this stellar work. 9.5/10″. Read it HERE “With these nine new songs of great quality, Soul Secret shows that they belong high in the rankings of prog rock. Both instrumentally and lyrically this is an album in a class by itself”. Read it HERE

Man Of Much Metal: 90/100. Read it HERE 81/100. Read it HERE

Background Magazine: “Soul Secret’s line up seems stable now and their fifth full length studio album really is their best effort so far […]. Their previous album (4) was already a brilliant album but Blue Light Cage is even better; highly recommended for lovers of melodic progressive metal/rock; a must have album of 2020!! 4.5/5″. Read it HERE “Soul Secret created an album that you MUST hear if you like Progressive Metal. With the right balance of heaviness and progressive tones, they hit the spot 100%! A record that is worth listening to!”. Read it HERE 81/100. Read it HERE 9/10. Read it HERE

Pavillon666: “From compositions to interpretations through arrangements, everything is here. There is a great work we can only applaud. 8.5/10”. Read it HERE 4/5. Read it HERE

Massimo Salari: “This product is definitely above the average of what I have heard abroad regarding the genre. If you love Progressive Metal you can’t ignore this little sonic gem”. Read it HERE

Lupus Unleashed: “One of the best albums of the year”. Read it HERE

Blue Light Cage official videoclip is finally here!

It is the third single from our recently released album and we had the pleasure to have Marek Arnold on this one as a guest, with his incredible saxophone touches.

The acting talent in this clip is Roberto Oliveri, multifaceted artist who is known among other things from his work on the TV series Gommorah and now working with Oscar-awarded director Paolo Sorrentino.

Barbara Romano and Gabri Gargiulo of G2 Studios directed this videoclip too. The cinematic vibe is strong also in this one, talking about the cage we all live in and the ways we could walk to be free.

Enjoy the official music video for BLUE LiGHT CAGE here:

Blue Light Cage official videoclip

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